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Cash Cat

January 14th, 2007 at 09:10 pm

After a year of mooching of us, our kitty finally started to earn her keep.

With my help, she successfully sold a few of her no-longer used cat toys, a cat brush, cat nail clippers (I have better success with human clippers) and a collar she refuses to wear on Craig's List. She wanted to post something in the "Missed Connections" section for the squirrel she watches out the window, but I had to draw the line-- too many weirdos out there.

She earned $5 and agreed to add it to my $20 Challenge. I tried to take a picture of her with the cash, but she wasn't interested in staying still.

Old total: $357.48
+ 5.00 Cat Cash
New Total: $362.48

I also need a goal for the $20 Challenge. I've decided on a goal of $1,500 by June 30th. If I can achieve that, I'll set a new goal for the second half of the year. $1500 might not seem ambitious enough since I'm ~25% there, but I don't anticipate having another big ticket item for eBay. The sale of the OSU jacket really jumpstarted the Challenge for me.

I've been diligent about transfering any money earned in the $20 Challenge into my online savings account. I need to keep that up!

3 Responses to “Cash Cat”

  1. sarah Says:


  2. koppur Says:

    LOL very cute

  3. LuxLiving Says:

    I love it that she can just walk away from that cash!!

    Me, I scoop up cash on the floor - found a nickle this morning when I changed the sheets! Threw off the comforter to get to the beast. Must of been from when I counted out Piggy earlier in the month on there.

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