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"I'll miss you, books!" January Challenge Summary

February 1st, 2007 at 07:41 am

I'm adding another $3.71 to the Challenge for a book that sold on Half.com. This amount includes subtractions for Half.com commission, shipping, and cost of padded envelope.

Iím always a little sad to mail away my books. The book I mailed today was a paperback I bought this summer at Elliot Bay Book Co. while we were on vacation in Seattle. Even though the book itself could have been bought at any store in the US, it reminds me of the trip and I felt rush of nostalgia packing it up.

Iím only selling the books that I either didnít like, have 2 copies of, or know I wonít read or reference again, but I guess I still canít help but feel an attachment. This feeling is unique to selling books- I donít feel this way about any of the clothes or knickknacks Iíve sold on eBay or through Classifieds.

Oh well, Iím sure I will appreciate having fewer books the next time we move, and maybe some of the money I earn can help fund future trips and new memories.

Old Total: $ 538.78
+ half.com sale $3.71
New Total: $542.49

This has been a very successful Challenge month for me, as this total represents ONLY new, quantifiable earnings.

Iíll reflect some more on this in a future post, but letís say Iím feeling pleased and highly motivated with Januaryís ending balance.

2 Responses to “"I'll miss you, books!" January Challenge Summary”

  1. JanH Says:

    Books can feel like old friends because you spend so much time with them. I have gotten rid of tons of them over the years and it is not easy. I can actually remember some of the vacations, or other places that I have spent time with some of them.

  2. fairy74 Says:

    I love the Elliot Bay Book Co., they always had wonderful author readings...

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