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Got Netflix? Enjoy a few free movies on Blockbuster!!

December 20th, 2006 at 06:16 pm

To all the NetFlix subscribers out there: you have just one more day to take advantage of this Great Offer.

Bring in your NetFlix envelopes to any Blockbuster and receive a free movie for each envelope. The only catch is that the name on the Blockbuster card and the name on the envelope must match up. Mr. Bean has been saving up our envelopes, so yesterday I tromped out to our local Blockbuster and picked up 5 free movies. He's been managing our NetFlix subscription as I haven't had much time to watch movies. The end result-- lots of Battlestar Gallactica DVDs. Not my thing. I'm looking forward enjoying some movies that are a little more my style... you know, the kind without Martians or aliens.

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