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Pleasant Surprise at the Used Book Store

December 8th, 2006 at 02:55 am

Spending has been pretty limited this week. I thought it was "no spend" until I looked in Quicken and was reminded that I paid $8.60 Monday when I picked up dry cleaning and also ordered a Xmas gift online Monday. Monday - Wednesday were also "no drive" days (I aim for these like "no spend" days).

I took two books to the used bookstore today, one of which was a sports memorabilia book. She wasn't going to take it until I said, "There are people selling it on eBay", which is partially true…. I saw one on eBay for $11.99 but the auction had ended without any bids. She seemed very reluctant but after typing the title into her computer (she must use some book pricing database), I heard her say, "Oh!" then said she's give me $25 store credit for both. I wonder how much it was worth... it must have been fairly substantial since the other book couldn't have been more than a few dollars. Typically I take the cash when selling books, but this particularly store has stopped offering cash until Spring. They recently purchased a collection for $4000 and need the cash. Perhaps I could have sold the book on my won, but it’s all water under the bridge (or store credit in my pocket)now.

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  1. paigu Says:

    WOW that must've been a valuable book! I've found that most of the books I sell back (aside from textbooks) are only worth a couple of bucks. The stores in my area also only give you store credit; if you opt for cashback they'll cut off even more of a percentage. Sadly, for what they pay to buy your books, all the books in the store still get sold at 50% retail price. Boo.

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