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Frugal Foodie Feast

December 18th, 2006 at 02:45 am

Mr. Bean and I had friends over this morning for a Christmas Brunch. Our reason for having a brunch get-together was simply just to try something different than the typical dinner gig-- but when all was said and done it was less expensive and a nice change from dinner entertaining.

The menu consisted of:
Gingerbread Waffles
Pork Sausage (purchased from the University Meat Lab (ahh, the benefits of going to a Land Grant University)
Pineapple (canned) and Mango (on sale)
Coffee, OJ, Mimosas

I made a centerpiece with a retro looking plastic Santa salvaged from my Grandmother's house and candles. I saw some great ceramic snowflake plates at the Dollar Store and was truly tempted to buy some for our Brunch. I held out ONLY because we may be moving in the next six months and I'm trying to limit the amount of stuff we have to move. If we were permanent, I would have certainly spent the $4 and had some really cute Holiday plates for the years to come. They were so charming that I did buy two plates as gifts for the dessert trays I gave to our brunch guests (1 plate) and my personal chef client (1 plate) this morning. Filled with baked goods and wrapped in Green Saran Warp they looked really nice (but cost very little!).

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