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Triple Coupons

February 10th, 2007 at 11:35 pm

Itís Triple Coupon week in my neck of the woods! Youíre allowed to triple 6 coupons (up to $1). They swipe your store bonus card to make sure you donít triple more than 6 over the course of the week. My loot is pictured below. Iím pleased with what I got for $24.53.

The store was a zooóas is to be expected on a Saturday morning. I realized once I got home that I could have had made a few different coupon decisions for a slightly better deals, but cíest la vie. I didnít want to be in the store all day.

I checked out with:

2 pounds cornmeal
2 loaves whole wheat Pepperidge Farm Bread
1 bag Nestle Chocolate Chips
2-1.75 oz packages of M&Ms
2 jars Jif Peanut Butter
1-15oz can Lite Coconut Milk
3-28-oz cans Crushed Tomatoes
2-15.5oz cans black beans
2 -15.5oz cans Chick Peas
2 jars Oretga salsa
Organic Salad Mix
4-Pack Dannon Yogurt
1 pint Fat Free Half and Half
18 eggs
Olivo Butter Spray
Loreal Vive Shampoo (1) and Conditioner (1)
Swiffer Wet Jet Refill

When I clipped coupons this week I clipped everything and sorted them into piles of "Stuff I'd Buy" and "Stuff I Won't Buy" with the intent of sending the "Won't Buy" pile to overseas military families. The pile of coupons I wonít use was certainly larger than the pile I will use, but I have to disagree when people say they never see coupons for healthy stuff. Yes, youíll see some ice cream and M&Mís in this photo (I couldnít resist, I had a BOGO coupon and I thought the M&M's would be a nice treat for when we see movies on campus), but canned tomatoes, salsa, whole wheat bread, peanut butter, yogurt and organic salad? All these items get this nutritionistís stamp of approval and all were purchased with a coupon!

3 Responses to “Triple Coupons”

  1. cindilee Says:

    That's great! I wish I had a store with triple coupons! Even double would be great!

  2. boomeyers Says:

    Great job! With the cost of food these days, we need triple coupon days! Unfortunately, in my area, they do not do triple, and the double only go for .45 or less. You are very lucky!

  3. Single Guy Says:

    Does the Overseas Coupon Program still operate? Their web site looks like it hasn't been updated for a year or more. Just curious.

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