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eBay for Cosmetics?

March 22nd, 2007 at 11:50 pm

I use Clinique Super Defense Moisturizer for my face. Iíve tried a few other types of moisturizers, but for me, none work quite as well. The only drawback is the price: $39.50 + tax for 1.7 ounces.

Since my current supply is running low, Iíve been contemplating if I really need to be paying so much for moisturizer. I thought about switching to something cheaperólike a drugstore variety moisturizer.

So, off I went to CVS (coupons in hand) to seek out a substitute. But alas, even at the drugstore most facial moisturizers with SPF (my one requirement is a SPF of at least 25) were in the $15-$20 range. Thatís a lot of money to spend on something I might not be happy with.

I decided that Iíd just stick with the Cliniqueóat the very least I know that Iím buying a product I like.

Luckily, before I re-stocked at the department store, I decided to look on eBay. Good gollyóeBay is a hot bed for cosmetics! My particular moisturizer was being sold by dozens of wholesalers. I ended up being the sole bidder on a brand new jar for $19.50 + $6.50 S&H. So, my total cost was $26 compared to the $41.87 I would have spent at the department store after tax. Total savings: $15.87 and I didnít even need to leave my house. I know this is the still a chunk of change for cosmetics, but this is a product I consider to be very high quality and itís the only expensive cosmetic I use. Gosh darn it- if I'm going to fully fund my retirement savings I need to make sure I have fabulous looking skin in the golden years, too!

I looked for an eBay vendor with a lengthy sales history and positive feedback since I know counterfeit cosmetics exist. I plan on inspecting my purchase carefully with my current container to look for any difference in the packaging or other indication that itís not authentic.

Anyone else shop eBay for cosmetics?

5 Responses to “eBay for Cosmetics?”

  1. frugalmomof1 Says:

    I've bought Bare Escentuals on Ebay, which is also ridiculously expensive, but the best stuff I have ever used.

  2. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    I've bought a certain Avon product from one seller twice. Wish I'd done so the third time, as I got ripped off by a different seller. Received no product. By Googling the seller's name and address, I later was able to piece together that he was probably in a finacially desperate situation. He had the bank foreclosing on him. He was trying to find a home for his beautiful dog. He was relocating to--ugh-- New Orleans a couple months before Hurricane Katrina. I actually felt sorry for the guy.

  3. daylily Says:

    Not exactly a cosmetic - but I've bought Biofreeze online.
    MUCH less expensive than buying at the chiropractors office even after paying shipping.

  4. fairy74 Says:

    I've also bought bare essentials and some avalon organics products on there, never had a problem

  5. KEALINA Says:

    sounds like a good plan... i don't know about cosmetis authenticity but i think you should be safe...

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