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Coupon Deals- Know When to Hold Them, Know When to Walk Away

April 6th, 2007 at 02:46 am

If your grocery store doubles coupons up to a $1.00 (like mine), then using coupons saves moneyóhands down!. The trick is to hold your coupons and wait until the grocery store has the item on sale. Typically this is 2 -4 weeks after the coupon was issued in the Sunday paper. Yes, there are a lot of coupons for processed foods. I donít even bother clipping those. But, there are definitely healthy foods that can be purchased with coupons. Below is a list of what I purchased this week:

Natureís Valley Granola Cereal (14 oz): $0.50
Caprelli Extra Virgin Olive Oil (25.5 oz): $3.99
2 x Newmanís Own Spaghetti Sauce (28 oz): $1.00
4 x Kraft Cheddar Cheese ( 8 oz) $1.00
4 x Juicy Juice (64 oz): $1.00
2 x Bumble Bee Pouch Tuna (3 oz): free
Quaker Oatmeal Breakfast Bars: free
Fruity Cheerios: free
Dreamfieldís High Fiber Pasta: free
Fantastik Spray Cleaner: free
Scott Toilet Tissue 4-Pack: free
Kleenex Anti Viral Tissue: free

The Quaker Breakfast Bars are an item I wouldnít typically pay for, but for free Iím sure theyíll get happily consumed on some hike or as a snack during a car trip. The Fruity Cheerios also arenít something Iíd typically pay for, but also wonít pass up for free! The coupons for both of these items were $1 off / 1 item. Knowing that itís possible these items could go on sale for $2, I clipped the coupons understanding that I would only use it if the item was at this price ($2) since it would be free after doubling. I held on for them for about 1 month, and then, viola! They were offered at the right price!

One of my preferred brands of spaghetti sauce is Francesco Rinaldi. The store often runs 10/ $10 sales on Francesco Rinaldi, so the Newmanís Own at $1 / jar isnít a great find. Still, itís nice to mix up the brands, especially for other high quality brands like Newmanís Own. Newmanís Own also has a Vodka sauce which Francesco Rinaldi doesnít (at least in the 10 / $10 deals).

I had planned to buy the Aldi version of Juicy Juice and cheese since Iíll be near the Aldi again this week, but with a coupon, the grocery store is still cheaper (Aldi Juicy Juice is $1.89 and 8 oz of cheddar is $1.39).

3 Responses to “Coupon Deals- Know When to Hold Them, Know When to Walk Away”

  1. Nic Says:

    When I lived in Honolulu, almost every store had a large bin filled w/coupons from customers. We could help ourselves and bring in those we didn't have a need for. I've yet to find those courtesy coupon bins here in Utah.
    We use coupons mostly for lunch meats,cheese,pasta,cat and dog food. We've also found good deals on paper products.

  2. nance Says:

    No store doubles coupons for more than fifty cents where I live.
    Only one store doubles, and their prices are usually pretty high.
    You got some awesome deals!

  3. daylily Says:

    Great deals. I wish I lived in the land of doubles!

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