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Results of the Aldi Trip

April 12th, 2007 at 01:47 am

A few weeks ago I posted my planned Aldi shopping list
along with the prices according to a price list compiled by Amy
price list compiled by Amy at MomAdvice. Amyís prices were based off the August 2006 prices at her Indiana Aldi.

Below is a list of what I actually bought (minus the chocolate bars!) and the price I paid. Youíll notice some prices are the same as Amyís, but many are higher:

Whipped Topping: $0.75 each
Ground Turkey (85% lean): $0.79 / lb
Frozen Broccoli Cuts: $0.89 / 16 oz
Frozen Peas / Frozen Corn: $0.79 / 16 oz
Hummus: $1.69 / 8 oz
Low Fat Cottage Cheese: $1.79 / 24 oz
Non-Fat Vanilla Yogurt: $1.39 / 32 oz
Not from Concentrate Orange Juice: $2.49 / 64 oz
Sliced Turkey Breast Meat: $2.99 / lb
Bananas: $0.39 / lb
Plums: $0.39 / each (I thought it was 0.39 / lbóso either me or the cashier made a mistake!)
Fresh Flat Leaf Spinach: $1.39 / 9 oz
Celery: $0.99 / bunch
Onions: $1.49 / 3 lb
Baby Carrots: $0.99 / lb
Multi- Color Pepper: $2.99 / 3 pack
Canola Oil: $1.79 / 48 oz
Canola Cooking Spray: $1.29 / can
Diced Tomatoes: $0.45 / 14.5 oz
Tomato Paste: $0.33 / 6 oz
Hazelnut Spread: $1.69/ 14.1 oz
Golden Raisins:$1.99 / 15 oz
Coffee: $4.49 / 39 oz

Things I didnít buy that I had planned to:

Pure Maple Syrup: In addition to the flavored syrup, they did have 100% Pure Maple Syrup for $3.79 / 8.5 oz. I bought some at a better price earlier in the week at the grocery store.

Eggs: I donít remember the price, but I know they were over $0.99, which was the going price at my typical supermarket that week

100% Whole Wheat Bread: There was hardly any bread when I visited the store and ZERO whole grain bread!

All in all, Iím very happy with the quality of the Aldi products. Itís fun to check out the bargains at a new store, but given that my local supermarket chain doubles coupons up to $1, I donít feel that making a special trip to Aldi is worth it aside from when my travels tae me in that direction.

1 Responses to “Results of the Aldi Trip”

  1. daylily Says:

    Ah! So you did find real maple syrup there. Interesting, my store does not have real maple syrup.
    I find the fresh produce prices are far better than what I can get elsewhere.
    The plums probably were 39-cent each. I don't think they have scales at the registers so anything that is not already packaged and pre-weighed gets an 'each' price.

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