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Challenge Addition

May 6th, 2007 at 02:07 pm

Things have been crazily chaotic in Beanland.

Mr. Bean has accepted a job in a city ~ 250 miles away, but I need to stay here to finish up my PhD. He's movng, I'm staying and getting a roommate so I can stay in our current house without breaking the bank. Roommmate interviews currently underway. Oi Vay! This promises to be an interesting year! On the positive side, his new job sounds very exciting and the compensation sure beats a graduate school stipend. I've also agreed to teach teach 2 summer sessions of Nutrition 100 at the University where I'm a graduate student. I'll get paid ~$5000 (before taxes) over the summer for this. I'm not sure if I'll add this to my Challenge tally. Maybe I'll keep it on a separate line or something.

I do have a few more Challenge additions:

$60 for babysitting and $7.69 for selling a little tester of a Lancome perfume on eBay. I was going to throw the perfume tester out and then thought, "Huh. maybe someone would buy this on eBay?!?" Glad I did!

Old Total: $1153.69
+ $60.00 babysitting
$7.69 eBay sales
New Total: $1261.38

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