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Challenge-- almost at $1500

June 29th, 2007 at 12:52 pm

Old Total: $1481.44
+ $4.79 eBay
New Total: $1486.23

After I paid all the fees and mailed the goods, I netted $4.79 off my latest eBay auction. I lost money on one item with the shipping, and another item didn't even sell (although I still deducted the cost to list it).

I don't have any riders coming with me to DC and I forgot to stop at Plato's Closet to re-sell clothes, so I feel pretty safe to say that my total as of June 30 will be the amount listed above. Hence, I fell a little short ($13.77) of my goal of $1500 by June 30. But, If you include the interest I've made off the money (it's in a high yield savings), then I probably surpassed the mark).

Next month I should have more regular babysitting jobs and I'm brining items to my Mom's garage sale to sell.
Have a great weekend!

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