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Beauty is in the Eye of Beholder

July 18th, 2007 at 04:09 am

Tomorrow evening I'm driving some 240 miles away with a car load of my finest

Text is j-u-n-q-u-e and Link is
j-u-n-q-u-e to participate in my parents' neighborhood garage sale. We're participating Thursday- Friday although the actual sale goes until Saturday. The timing is perfect since I would have had to drive up there anyway to attend a family wedding on Saturday (albeit I would have waited until Friday).

It's always interesting to see what people will buy... and what fails to sell. Mr. Bean is in CA this week for work. We were on the phone earlier this evening and I asked if he would mind if I tried to sell an old Oxford blazer of his. The blazer is of poor quality and rather unattractive. His response was: "You can try- are expecting many hobos to come through?" Some combination of the use of the word "hobo" and my fatigue at the late hour made me laugh until I cried. The thing is: I bet it will sell!

What are some of the junquiest items you've sold at a garage sale? What have you been surprised to see people pass up?

My aunt commented that she sells less at neighborhood garage sales compared to when she holds one on her own. How about you? I know I'm not going to bother to lug a foldable chaise lounge I never use up to the sale- my parents are already trying to sell two!

3 Responses to “Beauty is in the Eye of Beholder”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    I make less in a subdivision sale too, too much for everyone to choose from. My mom gives us old junk to sell all the time and my DH will say "throw it away" and it sells!

  2. Carolina Bound Says:

    I have done well at both types. However, my location was a prominent one, so when I participated in the subdivision sale, I was the first stop for most.

  3. Aleta Says:

    I think that if there is too much, it is too much to see. You're just overwhelmed and can't get to it all. I think that best way is for 2 people to come together and have a smaller yard sale and divide up the times to have it at their home.

    The one item I sold which I wasn't selling was the bottom of our Vick's plastic vaporizer. The pump had stopped working and I had it laid to the side to throw it out. One of the buyers asked me how much I was selling it for, and well you know that I sold the item instead of throwing it away. She had the pump but the bottom bowl cracked. Don't be afraid to put stuff out there. People are looking for parts such as wood frames, coffee inserts, coffee carafes, toilet paper holders, a lawnmoyer that isn't working - but is good for parts, screws or nails in little bags. People are looking for replacement parts and usually ask for odd items.

    I place a sign that says items for free and I put it inside the area where the garage sale items are. It attracts people who would not have stopped as well.

    I also sell soft drinks. People are more likely to look around and spend more time if there are refreshments there.

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