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Milk prices, revisited

September 3rd, 2007 at 11:58 pm

I just thought I'd do a follow-up to this

Text is previous entry and Link is
previous entry regarding the prices of milk from a local dairy, grocery store, soy and non-fat dry milk (NFDM).

I've been drinking re-constituted NFDM for the past 3 weeks, primarily in my cereal. I don't care of the taste it straight up in a glass, but it works fine in cereal and recipes. My dislike of the reconstituted milk for drinking definitely results in a lower consumption of milk-- probably not a great thing as far as my calcium intake is concerned. It has been wonderfully convenient though-- no extra trips to the dairy, no spoilage, etc.

I was near the Dairy this morning, so I picked up my first 1/2 gallon of fresh milk in quite some time. They've raised the price of a 1/2 gallon of skim from $1.50 to $1.55. Not huge, but worth noting. I think we can anticipate the price of all dairy foods to continue to climb.

3 Responses to “Milk prices, revisited”

  1. anon Says:

    i have heard that you get more calcium from a portion of sesame seeds than from the recommended daily portion you're supposed to have of milk. apparently our bodies cannot absorb calcium from milk as much as the milk industry would like us to think. also high impact sport, such as running and aerobics, forces your body to produce calcium.
    i dont know if this has any impact on your choices, but thought you might like to consider this.

  2. anon Says:

    where i live there are serious rumours that within a year 90% of the milk sold in our state will be UHT milk, because the operating and delivery costs are rising too much and the milk factories want to be able to just deliver milk once a week instead of every day. however, apparently the UHT milk prices will be the same as fresh milk prices. go figure?! methinks they'll be making a huge profit with this move. damn milk companies.

  3. reflectionite Says:

    by the way, that was my comment / about the UHT prices... i dont know why it said "anon"... but anyway!

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