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Sidestream Income

January 28th, 2008 at 04:04 pm

Sidestream Income:
$756.93 old total
$40 rideshare
$250 airline vouchers
TOTAL: $1046.93

I went to visit Mr. Bean this weekend. I took along a rider who gave me $40 for the round trip ride. I also sold the airline vouchers we received as

Text is audience members on the Dr. Phil show and Link is
audience members on the Dr. Phil show this past Fall. I wish we could have used the vouchers, but it didnít seem like we would have time before they expired. At the very least, we got some cash and the buyer got a great deal!

I feel a little guilty counting the $250 for the vouchers as income because we quickly spent the $250 (and then some) hosting a very big, very non-frugal party. Whoopsies!

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