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Crock pot extravaganza and Side Stream Income

February 29th, 2008 at 03:26 am

Sidestream Income:
$1509.93 old total
$40.00 babysitting
TOTAL: $1549.93

I made $40 babysitting last night.

I've also been working really hard this month to eat from my pantry and freezer. I should run the numbers and see if my grocery bill was any different this month.

I've also been making great use of my beloved Crock Pot:

Text is Tonight's creation and Link is
Tonight's creation used up some bulgur I've had on the shelf for some time. I skipped the parsley because it would have required a trip to the store. I didn't precook anything and just tossed everything in and cooked on low all day. I also used homemade
Text is chicken broth and Link is
chicken broth made from a chicken carcass (mmmm, tasty) I had stored in the freezer. The end result of the bulgur pilaf was decent. Not something I LOVED, but good enough. The chicken broth, on the other hand, was great. I really like how the recipe has you puree the chicken meat and vegetables into the broth rather than just toss them. It gives the broth a richer flavor and adds more nutrients.

1 Responses to “Crock pot extravaganza and Side Stream Income”

  1. crockpot lady Says:

    I'm so glad that you enjoyed my broth recipe. I feel like a big dork that I didn't know that other people didn't puree the veggies and meat when they made broth. I got so many emails telling me how innovative I was, when I truly thought that was how broth was made..
    dumping the stuff seems so wasteful!

    congratulations on your bean-building--it's inspiring to see your progress.
    have a great night,

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