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CVS Savings Alert

August 18th, 2008 at 09:26 pm

My new life is proving to be busier than my old life, but I will resume regular posting again, soon.

If you're male, there's no need to continue to read.

In the meantime ladies: head on over to CVS and pick up a 72-count box of CVS Brand Tampons (plastic or cardboard) for $2.99. That's $10 off the regular price of $12.99.

6 Responses to “CVS Savings Alert”

  1. sillyoleme Says:

    Wow... that's a great deal, hope it lasts long enough for me to get over there! Thanks!

  2. Broken Arrow Says:

    Now see, you know if you put up warnings like that, every guy around the block is going to come and read it. Big Grin So, how goes with the Ph.D?

  3. my english castle Says:

    wow--I saw that price in the ad and thought--that must be a misprint! Excellent. Our CVS ad said something about a free giftie in August with your first purchase of the month. I wonder what they're giving away?

  4. mbkonef Says:

    I will have to see if they have any left. My major gripe with our local CVS stores is that they run out of any good sales on the first day and don't necessarily get any more in.

  5. Aleta Says:

    I didn't know anything about the free gift for August and the cashier handed me an 8.5 oz. bottle of CVS Antiseptic Mouth Rinse.

  6. threebeansalad Says:

    I thought it was a misprint,too but I assure you that I am now the proud owner of a 72-ct box and only $2.99 poorer.

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